Start Your Journey To Financial Independence Today For Only $99!

Hosted by Cashflow Tribe, you’ll be learning the latest tactical real estate strategies from the leaders of the most successful REI team in Canada.

What is the Digital Bootcamp?

4 Guest Speakers

Hear the leaders in Canadian Real Estate Investing reveal the key tactics in running a successful digital business!

10 Exciting Tactics

In this session, you will learn multiple proven strategies that will help you earn $10K virtually!

50+ Attendees

Learn from connecting with other like-minded investors ranging from new to seasoned investors.

1 Impactful Day

Feel confident that you’ll be leaving with essential knowledge, inspiration and connections that you’ll need to be successful in your business

Why Should You Attend?

We’re gathering the brightest minds to bring you this bootcamp – you’ll be learning directly from successful real estate investors who have used these tactics extensively!

This 8 hour event will provide you with tactical strategies including wholesaling, buy and holds, flips, how to raise private money and so much more.

We’re even going to do some mindset training to make sure that you’re mental matches your money. Have questions about marketing for off-market deals or deal analysis? Don’t worry, we’re going to be covering that too! We’re making sure that after this bootcamp you’ll be ready to start making money virtually and be successful in the current state of society.

What You'll Learn


The following topics will be covered during our digital bootcamp:

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1 Day Digital Bootcamp

November 1, 2020
  • Full Day Of Training
  • Learn To Raise Private Money
  • In Depth Deal Analysis
  • Marketing for Off Market Deals
  • Making $10K Virtually

Featured Speakers

Ben Muresan

Founder of The Humble CEO
Co-Founder of CashFlow Tribe

Matt McKeever

Co-Founder of CashFlow Tribe &
Largest Canadian Real Estate Youtuber

Mark Smith

Mastermind Mentor
& Real Estate Investor

Andreea Muresan

Leader of Women of Tribe


“I signed up for the bootcamp so that I could become a more efficient investor, especially for such an uncertain economy and how to invest with other people’s money, because I was struggling with that! Now I feel more confident, I’m surrounded by like minded individuals, I know what to do and how to do it!”



“The bootcamp was packed with a lot of information from personal development, a lot of technicalities and detailed things like how to contact someone from a kijiji listing! My favourite part was the creative financing, it really got me thinking about being able to take one property and having multiple exit strategies. It’s been a week since the bootcamp and I’ve already closed my second property this month!”


This bootcamp was phenomenal! I definitely learned a lot, especially about joint venturing and wholesaling. It completely changed my mindset, I definitely feel more confident and am loving the community that you’ve built!”


“Before attending I had real concerns about my liquidity, how to build my portfolio and scaling with speed. We really learned a lot about the importance of entering real estate investing at the ground level, wholesaling and having multiple exit strategies. With the wealth of knowledge learned from these sessions, I really feel confident moving forward being able to grow my portfolio.”


“This was the first digital bootcamp I attended and it was amazing! We learned a lot of detailed information about real estate investing but it was more than that, we learned about our mindset. Personally, I learned that I was the thing that was holding me back, always calling people and asking for help. Without action there is no result. I had to grow and learn how to get out of my head, I feel confident in being able to move forward and make some serious money!”



“I was struggling with direction, but I knew that I wanted to move forward into the real estate investment world but I just needed to know how. These like-minded individuals were trying to reach the same goal. Ben and Matt really took the time to make sure everyone leaving felt like they had what they needed to be successful.”



“Before the bootcamp I didn’t know where to start. There’s so much information out there and I was so lost. I have so much clarity now and realize now that I need to be on the wholesaling and flipping side. Since the bootcamp, a lot has happened and I’m almost ready to close a deal this week!”


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Start Your Journey To Financial Independence
Today For ONLY $99!

Hosted by Cashflow Tribe, you’ll be learning the latest tactical real estate strategies from the leaders of the most successful REI team in Canada.