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With 5 weekly live trainings Cashflow Tribe is the #1 source of Real Estate education for Canadians. Ask questions live and interact with instructors like Matt McKeever or Ben Humble and connect with fellow students

On Demand Video

Learn the theory, strategy and tactics to successfully invest. Including courses on strategies such as wholesaling, flipping, and BRRRR investing. As well learn how to borrow privately, set up joint ventures or how to analyze your local market.


Find & connect with investors in your local market. Contribute to Canada’s fastest growing community of real estate investors.

Deal Analysis Calculators

Get access to Canada’s most powerful free real estate calculators. Calculate purchase & closing costs, mortgage payments & amortization, renovation budgets, and calculate the profit of your next real estate deal.

Free Live Online Events

Join & participate in weekly online live events. Participate in weekly Zoom calls and connect and learn from investors from across Canada.

Our Core values

At CashFlow Tribe we believe in more than just educating upcoming real estate investors. 

We live by four core values (or principles) Transparency, Results, Impact, and community.

Every day we focus on being transparent with our members while focusing on their results. We look to create a massive impact in their lives through our personal development classes and providing a strong real estate support community to help them reach their goals. 

CashFlow Tribe is more than just an education company





October 2020

Weekly Live Training Schedule

Jump into new training every month. Here’s what’s going on this month. 


Tactical Q & A With Mckeever

Have a question regarding a deal or strategy? Join Matt every Monday to really dive into your questions and get you results


Live Training With Adam Martin

This month Adam Martin is Breaking down creative financing and how you can use it to fund your deals. 


Women of Tribe

Join Andreea Muresan aka Humble wife for this weekly live call with the women of tribe. 


Deal Analysis

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis. Join Matt on Friday night’s as he helps members analyze what is and isn’t a good deal. 



Personal development is an important aspect of life with many far‑reaching benefits. Time and resources spent on developing yourself is never wasted; they always return a rich reward so make sure to join Ben as he helps you not only grow your business but yourself. 


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Members and Growing Daily

Join a group of aspiring and experienced real estate investors alike.  You will have access to our private Facebook group to ask whatever questions you need.Join our amazing groups. Choose either the free community group or join the exclusive Alpha Tribe. ​

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Over the last two centuries, about 90 percent of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate. For the average investor, real estate offers the best way to develop significant wealth. 

Don’t know how to get start building your empire? Start with Cashflow Tribe, by claiming your 14 day free trial and discover how you can get started in real estate investing with no money and no credit. 


Alpha Testimonials

"I was stuck in "analysis paralysis" until I joined Alpha Tribe and signed up for the accountability calls. Ben and Matt gave me the push I needed to finally take action!!! Now after taking Massive Action Leads are coming in!!!! Thanks Ben and Matt"
Shaun Thomas

"Been in this group just one week... put 5 offers in during that time and last night just got a deal! West Kitchener Upscale neighborhood, custom backsplit, massive lot Converting it into a luxury triplex with intentions of offering short term rentals/airbnb"

William Eddy

"Wrapping up the month with 3 wholesale deals in GTA , one VTB and a flip deal on the way. Feeling excited, powerful and blessed."

Harvindar Grewall

Meeting like minded individuals that I can collaborate with Has been a nice change of pace. 

Cashflow Tribe has been some serious practitioner information that I was able to tap into.

Alex Mustatea

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